my name is carleigh sion. i am in my late 20's. but still very much a kid. i am silly, very open, i love art and the ocean, and people, and love, and sex, and the human body, and people watching, and color, and black & white, and i'm just now figuring out what i want to be when i grow up.

i grew up surfing and drawing in a beach town in central NJ. always loved art and creating it with a family that always loved and supported me with whatever i wanted to do. went to community college for awhile. left one beach town for another down here in southern NC. got a degree and license in elem. teaching. loved it but its not quite for me.

now i am a manager at a surf shop. the people i work with and for are my second family. the community here started to notice and like my art...

so here i am. these are my thoughts, my inspirations, and my works. this is my life.

love, carleigh